MTG is a team of professionals with educational backgrounds and long experience in Accounting, Law, Banking and Business working together with entrepreneurs to help them master the challenges in operating their businesses in Tax Compliance; Financial Structuring; Risk Management and Business Planning.

Our Mission

Business success is the direct result of your extraordinary effort, your drive, knowledge of your industry, expertise and experience and your vision. All are necessary for you to have created and grown your enterprise. Our team will help you protect your success by providing tax compliance while taking full advantage of the many tax saving techniques that provide tax benefits to thoughtfully planned business activities. We help design business structures that minimize tax costs and maximize your protection against the claims of unintended creditors.

We help you devise and implement business strategies that drive your business toward the goals you have defined.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to help our clients thrive by allowing them to focus on their business with the peace of mind that derives from the knowledge that their compliance functions are properly addressed; that they have minimized their tax burden as the law allows and that they have protected themselves from the financial risks inherent in a litigious society.

We seek to work in partnership with our clients to strategically pursue their business and personal goals.